FortiGate Platform:  Consolidated Security

FortiGate appliances offer:


Multi-Threat security

q Network/Content/Application

In-house Threat Intelligence

q Translates to better protection

Stops the threat as early as possible

qMore tools equals better equipped for the job

Improve threat visibility

qConsolidation simplifies the security infrastructure, increasing visibility


q Custom ASICs for high performance


Fortinet's comprehensive portfolio of security gateways and complementary products offers a powerful blend of ASIC-accelerated performance, integrated multi-threat protection, and constantly-updated, in-depth threat intelligence. This unique combination delivers the highest level of network, content, and application security for enterprises of all sizes, managed service providers, and telecommunications carriers, while reducing total cost of ownership and providing a flexible, scalable path for expansion.


FortiGate® Network Security Platforms And Appliances

The FortiGate line provides cost-effective, comprehensive network-based protection against multiple threat types without degrading network availability or uptime.
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FortiWiFi™ Wireless Security Appliances

The FortiWifi line of wireless security gateways combines the multi-threat protection of FortiGate appliances with a built-in 802.11b/g wireless access point.
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FortiAP Wireless Access Points

FortiAP thin clients integrate comprehensive, proven WLAN threat management and policy enforcement with FortiGate Wireless Controllers
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FortiAnalyzer Centralized Reporting

The FortiAnalyzer family of appliances provides logging, analyzing, and reporting from multiple Fortinet devices and also provides advanced features such as vulnerability assessments and event correlation.
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FortiManager Centralized Management

The FortiManager family of appliances supply the tools needed to effectively manage any size Fortinet security infrastructure, from a few devices to thousands of appliances and end-point security agents.
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FortiMail™ Messaging Security Appliances

FortiMail appliances offer advanced antispam and antivirus filtering capabilities, with extensive quarantine and archiving capabilities.
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FortiWeb Web Security Appliance

FortiWeb provides web application and XML firewalls to protect, balance, and accelerate web applications, databases, and the information exchanged between them.
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FortiClient™ Endpoint Security Suite

FortiClient PC™ and FortiClient Mobile™ provide comprehensive, dynamic security for personal computers, mobile laptops, and smartphones.
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FortiBalancer Application Delivery Controllers

FortiBalancer Application Delivery Controllers optimize the availability, user experience, performance and scalability of mobile, cloud and enterprise application delivery from anywhere-to-anywhere.
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FortiDB Database Security and Compliance

FortiDB offers vulnerabilitiy assessment, monitoring and auditing capabilities to harden databases against vulnerabilities and track the flow of information within them.
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FortiScan Vulnerability Management

The FortiScan appliance provides end-point vulnerability management, inventory (asset and software) industry compliance evaluation, patch management remediation, auditing and reporting.
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FortiBridge Bypass Appliances

Ensure mission-critical network continuity by automatically bridging network traffic in the event of a power outage or system fault.
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