Maximum Connectivity and Control

Expand your network by combining your current multi-device connections into a single hub. One of the Cisco Small Business Managed Switches, the Cisco SRW224G4 Gigabit Switch allows interconnection of up to 24 separate network devices. Throughput is essential, and this switch delivers optimal speeds on the connection level.

Prioritize and structure your network traffic with the SRW224G4 using a variety of techniques that keep your need for data redundancy and continuous uptime at the forefront of the discussion. Multiple clients can access the switch's robust management functions, and its internal monitoring software watches over your network's every move.

Additional features of the Cisco SRW224G4 Gigabit Switch include:

  • Non-blocking switching capacity of up to 12.8 Gbps
  • Up to 256 active port- and 802.1q-based VLANs (4096 range)
  • Secure access limitations using 802.1x port authentication and MAC filtering
  • Optimized for growing businesses with four expandable Gigabit uplink ports
  • IGMP snooping, L2/L3 COS, queuing & scheduling makes solution ideal for voice/video
  • Intelligent traffic management with rate limiting, policing, shaping, and storm control